Walsh on Film

A new comedy podcast presented by Seann with assistance from one-liner merchant, also a fanatic cinema goer, Mark Simmons.

Each week, they’ll go through the box office top five, and set each other the challenge of watching a film they think the other will hate.

They’ll give the listeners the chance to tweet their views on a weekly film topic: @seannwalsh and @MarkSimmonsHaHa

They’ll also talk to a guest comedian each week about their favourite and least favourite films.

Seann stars on Three Kinds of Stupid

Three Kinds of Stupid

Tune in to Sky Arts on Thursday 17th September at 9:00pm as Seann joins Vic Reeves, Marek Harwood and Jocelyn Jee Esien on Three Kinds of Stupid, a three stooges-style physical comedy charting the misadventures of three half siblings who befriend a blind man.

The comedy follows what happens when things go badly wrong when one of the three inadvertently kills the man’s guide dog with a prawn sandwich.

Virtually Famous returns for two more series.

Virtually Famous

After a hugely successful debut series earlier this year, E4’s hit panel show Virtually Famous has been re-commissioned for a further two series.

Kevin McHale returns to the helm as presenter, and also coming back are team captains comedian Seann Walsh and Chris Stark.

As ever, there will be no shortage of hilarious material for the panels to discuss. From globally famous viral memes and twitter rants to the greatest You Tube posts and Vine shorts, the rival teams will be battling for points over the online moments that have got the world laughing.